Wellness Check-ups

cat in a clinic

Wellness Check-ups

Regular comprehensive physical examinations with your veterinarian will help us detect problems early and treat them before they become serious or even life-threatening.

Especially for older pets, routine visits are particularly important. Annual blood, urine, and stool tests should be performed on pets aged 7 years and older. Detecting problems early on will help us increase the longevity and quality of your pet’s life.

Some behavioural problems can stem from medical problems:

  • The older pet that starts to snap may be fearful of being touched due to pain.

  • Not coming when called? Perhaps hearing loss due to an ear infection or another cause.

  • Accidents in the house? Missing the litter box? Causes can run from anxiety, territory marking to parasites and bladder infections.

Our goal is to eliminate the unwanted behaviour and re-establish your old relationship with your pet.

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