Pet Behaviour

girl training a dog

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Playfulness, high energy, and high spirits are qualities we value in our pets. That is until we realize that they do not have an “off button,” or a speed setting dial! You can develop these wonderful abilities with your pet, though, with enjoyable training and sensible management. Just as you raise a child with a good schedule and education for good habits, your pet needs from you an orderly life and education in good behavior that works.

The antidote to wild behavior is to meet your pet’s needs in an orderly way with schedule, training, and care. In this way, some of the wild behavior will never start in the first place. When it does, you and your pet will have developed the skills to communicate and function as a team so you can prevent your pet from achieving any goals with the wild behavior, and your pet can recognize this outcome.

Behavior that accomplishes nothing is less likely to be repeated. When you proactively remove most of the reasons for misbehavior and build in LOTS of reasons for good behavior, life is simpler and more fun than reactive discipline in which you are in a constant “don’t do this” and “don’t do that” battle.

Some behavioral problems stem from medical problems

  • The older pet that starts to snap may be fearful of being touched due to pain.
  • Not coming well called? Perhaps a hearing loss, due to otitis or another cause.
  • Accidents in the house? Missing the litterbox? Causes can run from anxiety, territory marking to parasites and bladder infections.

If you are having problems with an unwanted behavior in your pet please give us a call or book an appointment online, our goal is to eliminate the unwanted behavior and thus re-establishing your old relationship with your pet.