COVID-19 Announcement

During the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have adopted protocols in order to ensure the safety of our staff and our valued clients. These measures are in place to help promote social distancing in accordance with government regulations and help us to be here to take care of your pets in need of Essential and Urgent care.

Upon booking your appointment you will be advised of the following COVID-19 protocols

We have a Locked Door Policy in place. Upon arrival, press the buzzer to the right of our door or simply call us to let us know you are here

We are not allowing clients into the clinic at this time due to increased numbers in cases of Covid-19. Clients MUST wear a mask when interacting with our team at the door.

Your pet will be guided by a team member to an exam room or the treatment area for examination by the doctor. Our online intake forms are available for both new and returning clients to fill out before their appointment- to provide our team with a medical history for your pet and enable the appointment to run smoother and ensure there is less interaction at the door.

After your pet has been examined by the doctor, they will call you on your cell phone and discuss the examination via phone.

Payments can be made either by E-Transfer, Credit card(via Credit Card Authorization Form) Debit (if tap, usually $250.00 and under, but dependent on your limit). Please call us if you have questions regarding our payment methods during this time

Clients who wish to pick up medications or food, will continue to be assisted at the door, to reduce the flow of traffic in the clinic.

We will continue to adapt our protocols as necessary during these times and will keep you updated accordingly.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your patience and kindness throughout this time as we have worked to keep both you and our staff safe and allow us to continue to be there for the people and pets of this community.

Dr. Delgado and the Entire Staff at VetsToronto Kingston Road Animal Hospital