DIY Projects for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

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Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let loved ones know how much you care. You can show your pet some love too by making him/her a special Valentine’s Day surprise.

We have some great ideas you can try at home:

Valentine’s Day Bandana


Choose a Valentine’s Day fabric—either in a solid red, pink, or something with a print. Hearts work well. We liked this one with red roses.

Cut the fabric into a square and then fold in half diagonally to make a triangle.

Sew along the edges ½ in. Then fray ends.

If you are not a sewer, just cut a triangle sized to fit around your pet’s neck.

Paw Print Art


Using non-toxic washable paint, you can make paw print art with your pet.

Use a sponge to cover a front paw with non-toxic paint. Then, guide your pet to place his/her paw on the paper, holding long enough to make an impression. Repeat to create desired pattern.

Suggestions for use:

Heart-Shaped Cat Toy

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Cats of any age love catnip toys.

  • Using red, pink, or purple felt, or a Valentine’s Day-themed printed fabric, cut out 2 heart-shapes.
  • Machine stitch around the perimeter of the heart, ¾ of the way from edge, leaving an open space of 1 – ½ inches
  • Fill with catnip
  • Stitch the remaining open area to hold stuffing firmly in place

Note: do not use fabric glue, as it is toxic to cats, and will be accidentally ingested when your cat chews the new toy.

NEVER add buttons or other decorations that pose a choking hazard to your pet.

Valentine’s Day Braided Dog Toy

Braid 1

Braid 2

Make your canine a braided dog toy using your old tees, sweatshirts, fleece pants, etcetera. Your pet will enjoy having something you once wore.

  • Using red, white, pink, purple or printed clothing, cut long strips of fabric
  • Select 2 – 3 coordinating colours and gather in bundles of three
  • Tie 3 strips together with a knot at the top
  • Braid the fabric pieces
  • Tie a knot at the bottom


Happy Valentine’s Day

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