What It’s Really Like To Be An Emergency Veterinarian

Many people dream of becoming a veterinarian. Perhaps you are one of them. And as you browse the brochures of veterinary colleges, complete with adorable photos of fluffy kittens and playful puppies with blue eyes, you imagine how wonderful it would be to surround yourself with the cuddly bundles of fur every day. Perhaps you… Read more »

Dos and Don’ts For Spring Walks With Your Dog

When the spring weather finally arrives, you may be excited to head outdoors with your dog for some fun, fresh air, and healthy exercise. But before you do, we have some tips to help you enjoy a springtime walk with your pet while avoiding the potential seasonal hazards. DOs DO talk to your veterinarian about… Read more »

So, You Want to Adopt a Bird: What to Consider First

Birds are beautiful creatures, and many make wonderful pets that add so much joy to the home. You may be drawn to their beautiful colourings or the lyrical sound of their songs, but as with any pet, it is important to find the right fit. If you are thinking of adopting a pet bird, there… Read more »

How to Choose A Veterinarian

  Pets are family, and you want the best for your fur baby. Finding the right veterinarian can help ensure you are giving your pet the best treatment and care, so he/she can have a happy, healthy life for many years. But how can you choose the right veterinarian? We have some tips to help… Read more »

How to Raise a Cat and Dog Together

  If you love animals as much as we do, you may have designs on becoming a multiple pet family. While the prospect of being surrounded by lots of fur babies can be super exciting, the situation may not always be as harmonious as you would like. Many pet parents believe the best way to… Read more »

Socializing Your Pets: How to Raise Two Puppies Together

  Your pets are important to us, and we want them all to be happy as well as healthy. If you are a multiple pet family, or have plans to become one, proper socialization is important to ensure the quality of life of each of your fur babies. Many pet parents believe they do not… Read more »

DIY Projects for Celebrating Valentine’s Day With Your Pet

  Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to let loved ones know how much you care. You can show your pet some love too by making him/her a special Valentine’s Day surprise. We have some great ideas you can try at home: Valentine’s Day Bandana Choose a Valentine’s Day fabric—either in a solid red, pink,… Read more »

Pet Dental Health: What You Need to Know About Periodontal Disease

  Did you know that approximately 80% of pets have periodontal disease by age 3? Periodontal disease commonly affects adult dogs and cats, with far-reaching effects not only to their teeth and gums but also their overall health, including major organ systems. Fortunately, the problem can be treated, even prevented. Here’s what you need to… Read more »