So, You Want to Adopt a Puppy: What You Need to Know

Who doesn’t love puppies? They are cuddly bundles of cuteness overload. Those saucer-shaped eyes, wagging tails, and sprite-like pounces on your lap to lick your face can be difficult to resist. But before you bring an adorable puppy home, there are a few things to consider. Here’s what you need to know: They are babies… Read more »

Is It Necessary? Why Your Pet Needs a Treatment Plan

When you visit a doctor, you may be given a prescription, have it filled at the pharmacy, and follow the directions until the medication is finished. You do not require a treatment plan. So, why does your pet? Fair question. If only your pet could talk. Unfortunately, you and your veterinarian must be the voice… Read more »

How a Veterinarian Can Help: When Your Pet is Vomiting

What you can do Vomiting in pets should not be ignored. Keep a record of when your pet first started vomiting and see a veterinarian if your pet vomits more than twice in twenty-four hours. Although dogs may regurgitate or vomit for benign reasons, repeated vomiting is cause for concern and requires investigation. Cats rarely… Read more »

Top 10 Spring Flowers Toxic to Pets

After a long cold winter, few things can brighten the spirit like the first signs of spring. Whether blooming in the garden or brightening the kitchen window, many spring flowers are toxic to pets. When planning your spring garden, avoid planting flowers that may harm your beloved fur baby, and/or neighbourhood pets. Talk to your… Read more »

Keeping Your Home Safe For Pets

Pets—especially kittens, puppies, and pocket pets—can get into every corner and cubbyhole of the house, and may find themselves in precarious predicaments if their environment is not safe. It is important to take precautions to pet proof your home in order to avoid a veterinary emergency. Avoid these common household hazards: Note: This is not an… Read more »

How Your Veterinarian Can Help: When Your Pet Has Ingested Something Toxic

You do your best to keep prescription and over-the-counter drugs out of your pet’s reach. You avoid feeding him/her anything containing onion/onion powder and garlic/garlic powder, chocolate, grapes, poultry bones, and other dangerous foods. The cupboards are organized so all household cleaning and laundry products are safely hidden away from your pet. Still, it can… Read more »

10 Healthy Foods For Your Cat

  Eating the right foods is an integral part of your pet’s wellness plan. ALWAYS feed your cat good quality commercial pet food. In addition, here are a few foods you can add to your cat’s diet to help maintain good health: Unlike dogs, cats are finicky and will not eat anything you put in front… Read more »

Is It Necessary: Why Your Pet May Require Physiotherapy

  It can be painful to see your pet suffer with pain and mobility issues. Thankfully, many injuries and conditions affecting your pet’s mobility can be improved with the help of physiotherapy. What is pet physiotherapy? Pet physiotherapy is a type of physical activity recommended for animals in need of rehabilitation to aid in regaining… Read more »

So, You Want to Adopt a Gecko: What You Need to Know

Geckos are adorable members of the lizard family that have become popular as pets—probably because they look so cute. But before your rush to adopt a mini lizard, there are a few things you need to know: They are worldly Geckos are found naturally throughout the world, with the exception of Antarctica, in various climates… Read more »

Pet Love: How to Have a Safe and Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is full of romance and surprises—flowers, presents, heart-shaped candies, chocolate lava cakes, and romantic dinners or movies. But many of the romantic gifts and gestures that make us smile can be extremely hazardous to your pet. Be sure your celebration of love does not end with a trip to the animal hospital. Avoid… Read more »