Camping With Your Dog – Part 1: Is Your Pet Ready?

Dogs love camping, and perhaps you do too, but before you head out on an outdoor adventure together, be sure your pet is ready for the experience. Here’s what to consider before planning a camping trip with your dog: Be sure your dog is well trained to respond to commands Recall and stay commands DO… Read more »

Dogs and Parasites: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Pets are now being adopted from countries and regions all over the world. While the effort to find loving families for homeless pets in need is a good cause, care must be taken to ensure the animal being adopted into a new home is not a carrier of disease, including that of diseases not normally… Read more »

DIY Project: Food Puzzles to Keep Your Pet’s Mind Active

Does your pet spend a great deal of time indoors? Is he/she alone while you are at work? If so, it is important to provide an enriched environment aimed at keeping your pet’s mind active. In the wild, dogs, cats, and ferrets hunt for their food. Their predatory nature requires them to keep watch, strategize,… Read more »

Outdoor Pet Safety: The Dangers of Porcupine Quills

Dogs love the outdoors, and their natural hunter instincts make them inclined to chase small animals they see or hear rustling about. Their tendency to go after prey can get them into some prickly situations. Literally. Porcupine quills cause your pet tremendous stress and anxiety, and can have dangerous consequences. In the wild, foxes, coyotes,… Read more »

What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Hamster

Hamsters are adorable pocket pets that most children love to play with. But before you bring a cute little hamster home, there is a lot to consider. Here’s what you need to know: Their lifespan is short Hamsters have a life expectancy of 2 to 3 years. It can be extremely difficult for young children… Read more »

Understanding the Special Needs of Brachycephalic Pets

Brachycephalic pets are very special, and they require extra love and care due to their special needs. If you have a brachycephalic pet, it is important to be aware of the risks your pet may be predisposed to due to his/her physiology, what you can do, and how a veterinarian can help in order to… Read more »

Water Safety for Pets: Tips for Summer Days at the Lake

Summer days are meant for relaxing by the lake, enjoying quiet time with a good book as the sunshine lights your page, or paddling calm waters in a canoe as you peacefully float by the shore. Perhaps you enjoy setting up camp in the outdoors, roasting marshmallows in the evening after a day of fishing… Read more »

Caring For Your Senior Pet

  If you are lucky enough to have had a loyal pet for many years, it is important to reward all the love your pet has given you with extra attention and care as he/she ages. Senior pets often have different needs and understanding the changing needs of your pet can go a long way… Read more »

Top 10 Signs Your Pet May Have Arthritis

Arthritis is a progressive condition of the joints that commonly affects pets in middle adulthood and the senior years, but younger pets are not immune to the disease. It causes degeneration of the joints, chronic pain, limited mobility, and often inhibits daily life. Veterinary treatment can help to improve quality of life, so it is… Read more »