Mitelman Minutes

Pain Management; before, during & after surgery

  Pain management in pets is a topic of high priority within the veterinary profession. Advanced pet pain management is a key component to VETS Toronto’s treatment protocols. Dr. Mitelman discusses pain management; before, during & after surgery:   It’s important to remember that pets can’t tell us how they feel, but they will let us know… Read more »

Zombie Kitty Head Trauma Update

“A teachable moment” says Dr. Jonathan Mitelman, “is even if kittens succumb to severe trauma, give them a chance. Cats heal remarkably well.” Zombie Kitty came to us at VetsToronto in September 2015.  He was found in an alley in the Beaches neighbourhood of Toronto, attacked by what we suspect was another animal. He was… Read more »

Pet Suffocation Dangers

Pet suffocation dangers are all around us in everyday household items. While few fortunate pet kids have been saved in a timely manner by CPR, this sadly is not the norm and pets have perished by simply sticking their heads in a bag to get an extra snack. The Most Common Items Contributing to Pet… Read more »

Duct Taping A Dogs Snout Closed

Duct Taping a dogs snout closed!? Katie Brown sparked social media outrage after posting this picture of her Chocolate Labrador on her Facebook page with duct tape on the snout and stating: “This is what happens when you don’t shut up!”     It’s an unfortunate day when a pubic reminder to not do this… Read more »

Canine Distemper

  Dr. Mitelman of VETS Toronto discusses Canine Distemper. Canine distemper is a highly contagious and serious disease caused by a virus that attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and nervous systems of puppies and dogs. It is usually spread by the secretions from an infected animal’s cough or sneeze.

The Mitelman Minute – Bunny Talk

  When thinking Easter present, we urge you to stick to the chocolate bunny until you’ve thoroughly researched the care bunnies need to have as family members.  Rabbits require a lifetime commitment to care. They need exercise, a proper diet, and a spacious shelter that will protect them from predators and extreme weather conditions.  … Read more »

Mitelman Minute ~ Cats and Vomiting

Cats vomit.  That’s just the norm right?  Wrong?  There may be underlying issues causing your feline friend to leave nasty puddles behind. Dr. Mitelman explains in this Mitelman Minute video, what could possibly be the reason behind vomiting cats.

Mitelman Minute ~ Parvovirus

Dr. Mitelman of VETS Toronto speaks about Parvovirus & Puppy Samson was happy to join in on the conversation.      

Mitelman Minute ~ Guinea Pig Nail Trim

Do you have a Guinea Pig as a family member? Then this video is for you. No Guinea Pig? This might be for you as well … if you want to see a Guinea Pig have a tinkle on our good Dr. Mitelman!