Dr. Jonathan Mitelman

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine / Practice Director

Dr Mitelman started in this profession, or his calling as he puts it, when he joined Dr Samson fresh out of Vet School in June 2002.  “I’m a tinkerer at heart and love working with people and pets.  I can’t think of a better profession to work in that combines ‘hands-on’ and compassion together every day.”

With what little down time Dr Mitelman has, he participates in charity runs and bike rides, spending time with his family, and enjoying some quiet time on the couch with the newspaper and on that couch with him… cats Hansel, Gretel and Thomasin.  “I don’t mind so much; they’re self cleaning!!”.  And what would they say about him if they could?  “Dad feeds me, pats me, takes care of me, and lets me sleep beside his head.  Isn’t that the norm?”

He also has a passion for educating pet parents on caring for their pets and can often be seen on many mainstream media outlets such as CP 24’s Animal House Calls, Toronto Speaks: Pet Care, Rogers Daytime, and is often used as a veterinarian source for Global News, City TV, The Toronto Star, The Toronto Sun, and Ming Pao weekly.

Dr Mitelman’s love of veterinary medicine guides him towards emergency medicine, ultrasound, minimally invasive surgery, orthopedics and ophthalmology.